18 Nov 2021

Requesting assets on our platform has become easier, making procurement processes more efficient.

It's been a very exciting two months since our last update, with the number of companies on the DECK1 platform growing consistently. Following valuable feedback from our clients, recently there have been some changes on the platform.

Summarising the update

- With the new Marketplace navigation item, access directly all companies active on the platform.

- Within Marketplace switch to Assets for a complete view of vessels, drones, and helicopters.

- Filtering options allow viewing all or only the available assets, ensuring that clients can make requests for assets ready to go.

- Orders have been upgraded to Procurement, where now RFQ and PO are organised separately providing a clearer overview of different steps of the procurement process. The current structure accommodates conversations with multiple providers, with the option for adding private notes, only visible to the user. The next prospect is to integrate RFI into the flow, allowing a seamless flow through the procurement process.

- In the RFQ creation process now it's not only possible to choose from existing locations, but creating custom locations too.

Thanks to these improvements the process of booking available assets has become even more transparent and efficient.

We invite you to try them out!