The Future of Offshore Chartering

Enjoy the benefits of simple, fast and fully transparent chartering. Save time, reduce administrative work and future-proof your company in the increasingly growing offshore market.

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Made for the offshore industry

Save crucial time and costs by using the first fully transparent B2B procurement platform made for all stakeholders. Search for vessels, helicopters and drones and manage all procurement tasks with ease. Both for spot and long term contracts.


For simple use, search, RFI, RFQ, booking, and documentation are digitally recorded, all on the same platform. Use standardised DPRs for easy mission documentation.


Harness new revenue streams within short-term charters by tapping into an existing network of pre-qualified assets. Increase productivity with seamless up and downstream communication.


Overview of assets, booking, documentation trail, and direct provider communication ; supporting fast responses to incidents, decreasing downtime, and increasing production revenue.

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Who we are

DECK1 is an independent B2B e-sourcing platform offering next-generation digital services within trade, operations and analytics.

Driven by a culture of responsibility, collaboration and transparency, we are on the mission to provide intelligent data solutions enhancing the efficiency of the offshore transport and service sector.

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