Offshore Aviation

DECK1 is here to help streamline your offshore operations. We deliver an unparalleled package combining tracking, analytics and consulting based on over 40 years of experience

  • Tracking & Monitoring

    Experience unrivaled oversight and transparency for your offshore operations, empowering you with comprehensive visibility and control over your operation.

  • Analytics

    Unlock the full potential of your assets with advanced data-driven insights, enabling you to optimize asset utilization, maximize profitability, streamline CO2 reporting, and gain valuable fuel and flight time intelligence effortlessly.

  • Consulting

    Benefit from best-in-class expertise of our seasoned pilot with over 25 years of experience and our skilled data engineers. Benefit from swift Proof-of-Concept solutions, providing seamless onboarding onto DECK1 services, and invaluable guidance in operational governance, data governance, and a wide range of consultancy services.