• Partner with DECK1 for offshore business consulting and solutions. With 25+ years of experience, we offer tailored services to optimize operational governance, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth. From PoC solutions to data governance, our expertise maximizes offshore business potential.
  • Operational governance

    Develop robust governance frameworks for effective decision-making, risk management, and regulatory compliance in offshore business operations.

  • Procurement

    Leverage our network and industry knowledge to select reputable operators for optimal offshore business results. Conduct comprehensive evaluations based on expertise, track record, safety, and cost-efficiency.

  • Data governance

    Ensure proper management, security, and compliance of offshore data. Develop governance frameworks, implement data protection measures, and align practices with industry standards.

  • Flight Sharing

    Collaborate and share operators with other businesses for cost savings and operational stability. Pool resources, consolidate contracts, and benefit from a reliable operator network.

  • CO2 Reporting

    Analyze, measure, and mitigate your carbon footprint to comply with environmental regulations and support sustainability goals.

  • Proof-of-concept

    Validate offshore ideas with our PoC development services. Build functional prototypes, conduct testing, and receive actionable insights for successful implementation.

  • Audits

    Ensure operator reliability and compliance through comprehensive assessments. Evaluate capabilities, safety protocols, and contractual obligations to maintain operational excellence and mitigate risks.